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  • 12Sep

    Sony and the PS3

    Partying with Sony, PS3 Style Last Thursday, Sony hosted an interactive look at the new Playstation 3 and launch titles. Fifty lucky winners from Sony Playstation Gamer Advisory Panel (GAP) were able to try the PS3 firsthand. GAP is an exclusive group of gamers that are invited to join from being members of the Playstation Underground forums. Being a member of GAP gives you fun benefits like being part of beta tests, being able to enter cool contests, and an online forum. The setup for the party was very impressive. Flat Panel televisions (Sony of course) were set up on the walls. Like frames to pieces of art that were being played on them. The televisions were 1080p enabled and you can tell. Every game, every screen looked amazing. Next to the screens was a small table which held the PS3 and a wireless controller. The room was very minimalist,

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