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    Love and War Tournament

    All’s fair in… “Gears of War” is an extremely popular game that has appeals to both genders. The online play is fun and offline many couples are playing through the game in co-op mode. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are hosting an online Gears of War tournament. Couples will play against other couples to earn the title of winner of the Love & War Tournament. The contest: Multiplayer Gears of War The contest will be random Gears of War multiplayer maps. The first round tournament matches will be set before play begins. Rooms are 2 x 2. The winner is best out of 5. The breakdown: The contest is open to all mature ages because the game is rated M. The couples have to be male and female. The second person can be a friend/sister/cousin etc. All microphones have to be on during play or couple will be disqualified. There

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