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    Miyamoto’s Keynote – GDC ’07

    GDC-2007 Shigeru Miyamoto Keynote The room is overfilled with people sitting on the outside edges. Techno music is blared through the speakers as the hum of the crowd excitedly talks about seeing Miyamoto. The keynote starts late with the President of GDC introducing the legend, Miyamoto. Since it’s a Game Developer conference, Miyamoto has opted to discuss about some elements of Nintendo’s vision and then some personal visions as a game developer. He jokes about Mario Bros being an important game for most of us but not for his wife. His wife did not enjoy Tetris either. His wife did start to watch his daughter play Zelda Ocarina of Time. Brain Age is what caught his wife’s interest and now she’s an avid gamer and plays Wii sports. A big part of Nintendo corporate vision is risk. The encouragement at Nintendo is to take on challenges. To rethink what is

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