ECA & GamingAngels Partnership teams up with the ECA

I’m pleased to announce our partnership with the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA). First I’ll tell you what the ECA is, then what you will receive by being a member, and last what our partnership means for both and the ECA. The Video Game industry has become a favorite target by our elected officials. Not only is it an easy target, but it also is a simple way for officials to look like they are accomplishing something. Everyone can agree that minors should not be playing mature titles. Legislators from California, Michigan, Illinois,Minnesota, Louisiana, and Oklahoma have attempted to create laws that restrict the rights consumers buying video games. The ECA is a non-profit organization that works to protect gamer rights. Hal Halpin founded the ECA in order to represent gamers.

By joining the ECA you start to take a stand against anti-gaming legislation. You also get a community where you can discuss issues in the gaming world with people that are just as concerned as you about the protection of your rights as a gamer. The cost to join is $19.99 a year. If you are a college student you can get membership at $14.99 a year. When you join you receive many discounts on magazines and subscriptions. I really enjoy the newsletter which is a snapshot of articles from the day about the game industry. I always try to highlight articles from here in the discussion forums. I think it’s very important for us as gamers to be involved.

Politicians think the Game Industry is an easy target because they think no one is paying attention. An organization like the ECA helps showcase the strength of our voice. By teaming up with the ECA, I will be able to showcase what they are doing on the site. In return the ECA will show that is a strong supporter on their website. Hopefully helping exposure and encouraging gamers to come by the site. In the next few weeks, we will have an interview with Mr. Halpin to discuss what the ECA is working on and it’s future.