Forcewear Preview

I get pelted by the Forcewear Vest all for

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One of the most innovative products I was able to test at GDC was TN Games’ ForceWear Vest. TN Games historically makes software and hardware products that enhance the realism of game play through touch sensory experience.

The product is a vest that is available in black or camouflage and will become available in a flame-suit for racing games. The vest itself does not feel heavy or restricting. One can tighten the vest in two places. I made the suggestion that they add Velcro tape to the vest so that people can put their online nick or their clan identification.

The vest has eight contact points, four in the front and four in the back. The power comes from an air compressor; the unit will be capable of delivering up to 30psi at each touch point. At first I was skeptical of the product. Thinking that I was going to catch them off-guard and that they did not test this product for female gamers. I am pleased to report that TN Games did their homework. Never did a hit feel too hard or hit my chest in a way that was painful. In trying out the product, at one point I even ducked when I was hit from the back. After trying the vest for a few minutes I could see that the vest really does immerse the gamer into the First Person Shooter.

The ForceWearVest is being introduced on the PC platform and will be available to consumers in November 2007.