Zazzle Store Review

My review of our new store at Zazzle

I decided to try Zazzle to see if the product outcome would be better than the Spreadshirt store.

Zazzle has a far greater selection of merchandise to choose from. Real U.S. Postal stamps with our logo. Various t-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers and, of course, the trucker hat.

To truly test if Zazzle is good enough for readers, I ordered two t-shirts, a ringer t-shirt and a normal white t-shirt. What I like about Zazzle is the picture is screen printed instead of using an iron-on. This avoids any cracking of the image in the chest area. I have washed both shirts and the image is still fine. The all white logo shirt is a little see-through, but I have been told it is better to wear a beige bra than a white bra with white shirts. What I’ve done is combine the shirt with an open sweater and it looks so cute!

Here are some pictures:

For now, I’ll keep both stores open because you can get sweatshirts only at the Spreadshirt store. But I have had a recent bad experience with Spreadshirt when I ordered buttons for the website. Not only were they late, but also they used the incorrect image. I would highly recommend Zazzle if you are considering showing off that you are a member of The service with Zazzle was simple and very fast. Nice and simple is what I look for because our time should be spent gaming, not having to deal with bad customer service.