Hello and welcome…

Hello everyone my name is vainya and I’m a gamer. *waits for mindless “Hi vainyas* Anyway I have been playing games since I was four. I remember wanting to play the NES at a young age. No one would let me hold the controller. One day they walked away and I got my hands on the controller and they haven’t been off ever since. I have the callouses on my hands to prove it. I remember pulling fatalities in Mortal Kombat quicker than those that had played it and were more experienced.

Fastforward to 2002 and I was caught up in the Pokemon Craze. Yes we used to have Pokemon parties in class. One person would bring a link cable and we would trade and battle. I was the first to have level 100 pokemon. So I kept beating everyone. That was what opened my eyes to game development. I wanted to make games but everyone said that I should consider getting a real job. With realistic goals. I thought you had to be special to get into the industry. I know… I and they were wrong. I learned that when I got to college.

Anyway that brings me to now. I am currently eighteen years of age although people still think I’m under twelve years old. Yeah I know… I am a college student majoring in Game Programming. It’s hard but I’m going to do it.

I am on staff here at GamingAngels.com. My position reviewer… wait shouldn’t I be reviewing something now…hehe. I’m off Rogue Galaxy is calling.