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    Games are Good for You?!!

    [url=]Good in Gaming[/url] By Ben Silverman (Courtesy of Yahoo) he good and the bad If you’ve seen a video game-related story on network television, chances are it wasn’t exactly peachy. Despite rising revenue that makes film executives green with envy, the video game industry is often portrayed as conventional entertainment’s raucous, hyperactive kid brother. The list of gaming’s negative side-effects is seemingly inexhaustible: games are addictive, games ruin relationships, games make kids fat, and of course, games train mass murderers. Pretty scary stuff for a pastime who’s most enduring mascot is a jovial plumber. To point out the factual inaccuracies of such grim claims is a tempting proposition, but rather than simply fan the fires of the argument, we’d like to present a new one altogether. Believe it or not, games can be good for you. And we can prove it. Here are five ways in which video games can

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