GenCon Day Two

Luckily, for me, my day didn’t start as early today. I got started at 1 this afternoon with an interview* at the WizKids booth. I got to play a demo for the AvP (Aliens Versus Predator) HorrorClix while I waited for the rep to talk. The demo was fun, although I’m not new to the Clix system, which helped. I played with the Aliens and won against another con attendee. My interview was short, but we talked about the big announcement for HorrorClix, which is the release of the Nightmares figures in May of 2008. I also got to see the new HaloClix system, which has a few changes from regular HeroClix.

Afterward, I made my way to the Octopi/PoxNora booth to meet with Dan Kopycienski and Tom George. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a demo of the game while I was there because all of the demo computers were occupied.

At three, I made my way over to the Embassy Suites to see the Indie RPG Awards. Indie Game of the Year went to Spirit of the Century, and second place was handed to Burning Empires. Both games are distributed by the [url=]Indie Press Revolution[/url].

I had a lot of downtime between events and took some more time through the Exhibition Hall. I visited the Dark Skull Studios booth, to get a look at some of the merchandise for the upcoming Oddly Adorable webcomic. I also made my way over to the Fred the Game booth to get a closer look at the very wacky card game. If you haven’t heard of Fred the Game, I highly suggest you check out their website and take a look at some of the sample cards. It’s a game you only want to play with your very close friends or hated enemies.

To end my second long day, I headed over to the humongous Board Game Ballroom for a round of Settlers of Catan. We managed two games in two hours with six people which was rare for all of us playing.

* More in-depth information on my interviews to come later.

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