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  • 21Feb

    It’s official and now I can get back to gadgets!

    Finally the HD vs Blu-Ray wars are over. Now instead of covering the daily news and gossip on the format wars, I can now actually get back to covering gadgets that affect our daily lives. Today all the Hollywood studios announced that they are supporting Blu-Ray. So the fighting, the decisions are now all over. In the Microsoft Blogger breakfast this morning (which I will write about later), they had no comment really on what is going on with the HD-DVD drive for the 360. No plans to pull the item off of shelves or price drop were announced. Doesn’t mean they won’t but as of now nothing. They also are not stating if they will support the Blu-Ray format and come out with a Blu-Ray format saying that they feel that the Xbox 360 is a premier game system and should be used as such. I am glad that

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