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  • 25Feb

    Persona 3 FES coming to the US gleeful cheers abound!

    First thing this morning, I checked my email and found an announcement from Atlus. written by Rachel I’ll admit it, I let out a little joyous shout. [img align=left][/img] Persona FES will be realeased in the US on April 22nd and will retail for…get this…$29.99! This is a special 2-disc set which includes an enhanced version of Persona 3 and a new chapter with additional content, a total of “120-plus hours of gameplay”. Persona 3 is a very hard to find game here in the States lately. I’ve been watching Ebay for the past several weeks and the original game is going for upwards of $70-$100. Needless to say, this announcement is very exciting. Check out the [url=]Official Persona 3 FES[/url] website for more information. Follow

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