Does your 360 talk to you?

I logged into LiveJournal to read my friend’s blogs. My Xbox 360 left this today, “GamingAngel didn’t play any games yesterday… big loser… “. my Xbox 360 is feeling a little shunned, and he’s letting me know. Thanks to,my Xbox 360 cheers me on when I increase my gamerscore, and complains when I don’t game. was created by three guys, Trapper Markelz, Steve Sopp, and David Larrabee in their spare time. During the day they all work in IT, but at night, they worked together to build on the idea of a futuristic blog. One that would write about human’s interactions with a device.

Basically how the service works is it takes data from your Xbox Live Gamercard and writes a blog from the perspective of your Xbox. Your Xbox will talk about your achievements, any gamer score increases, what games you played the most, but it will also let you know what it thinks of you when you haven’t been gaming.

There is much more to the site than blogging. Other users can leave comments on your blog. You can also participate in Gamerscore challenges. There are a lot of rules to the Challenges, but basically winner of a challenge gets a particular score. When you get some many points you are elgible for a badge. You can start a challenge or join one right on the site.

The real beauty of the experience is the Xbox 360 blog. The blog has it’s own RSS feed so you can add it to any RSS reader. I personally use LiveJournal. It’s funny to be reading your friend’s blogs and then come across your Xbox 360 yelling at you to game. In a crazy way, I feel like we have a connection, my Xbox 360 and I.

You can sign up at . It’s free to sign up and free to participate. So go build that relationship with your 360.

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