Mushroom Magic: A mushroom themed Mini cleaner

Anything that is Mario inspired gets part of seal of approval. The other half come from the fact that it is functional. This little mini mushroom can clean up those crumbs that have been left on your desk, your clothes, or even in your KEYBOARD! And we all know how annoying those little buggers can be! I mean something that can clean a keyboard without taking out the keys is FAB! It’s a dream come true! Also, they are small enough to sit on your desk. A little discussion piece, or do your whole desk in a mushroom, Mario theme. (I would do it.)
This little piece of magic retail for $12, and come in classic red, and green, if your going for the Classic Mario look. But if you are more into th Mario Party style, there is Orange and Purple.
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Thanks to Chip Chick for the info
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