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  • 27Mar

    Burn Zombie Burn for PSN

    Burn, Zombie Burn is the next big thing from Doublesix. It is an arena based shooter made specially for the Playstation Network. As one could guess from the title, the whole point of the game is burning zombies then shooting them. The game was made to have addicting gameplay, but still a very special personality. The game actually achieves both.

    The controls are pretty simple, so most people can just come in and pick it up. Left stick moves your character, and there is no camera to control. L1 points to the nearest zombie. R2 switches to secondary weapons. L3 shows where all the weapons are scattered across the field. X is shoot. The character always shoots directly in front of them.

    The good thing about the variety of weapons is that they don’t disappear until you use them. Items that are dropped from zombies will, though, so it’s best to pick those up as soon as they drop. The status of the zombie – if it’s on fire or not – decides the drops. Non-lit zombies drop health in the form of tasty food. Lit ones drop explosives upgrades. An interesting feature is that zombies that aren’t on fire will run away from the player if the torch is out, but once they are lit, they are no longer afraid of fire.

    As weapons are used consecutively, the bar on the left side of the screen fills up. When three of them max out, the big red button on the stage is activated. This button is a lot of fun to use. It always does something that helps the player control the zombies. On the suburbia map, this button causes UFO’s to come and abduct zombies. Some of the weapons include a chainsaw, baseball bat, and a lawnmower, as well as the normal assortment of guns, torches, and explosives.

    The three modes of play are Free Play, Timed, and Defend Daisy. Each mode has 6 different maps to play on. Maps are unlocked when a bronze medal is earned on the level before. Silver and gold medals are also available, and they unlock special art.

    Timed mode is just that. It’s 5 minutes long as base, but burning zombies will now drop time increases.

    Free Play is unlimited play. There is no limit to how many stages that can be played through, but as the game goes on, it gets harder. Special zombies spawn randomly at certain stages, and these zombies can only be exploded. No more than 120 enemies can appear on the screen at a time.

    Save Daisy mode is pretty simple, too, but it has potential to get really difficult really quick. In this mode, the player not only has to kill zombies and not die himself, but the girlfriend Daisy is sitting in the center of the stage and getting attacked, too. Luckily, her health drops as heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and it’s only when her health drops to 1/3 left that she starts screaming. Burning zombies do more damage to her.

    There are also challenge maps. These focus on a particular part of the game. Take the stage “Oh my burning zombie head” for example. The point of this stage is to use the zombie head that is provided to burn and then explode as many zombies as you can to get the highest score possible. The “zombie express” stage is a taste of how quick the game can get. It has a quicker spawn rate and the special zombies appear a lot quicker.

    As expected, a co-op mode and versus mode are available. All of the single player modes are playable.

    The production team made a lot of nods to movies, like the chainsaw. It would have been cool to see, say, a crowbar or something, but when there’s a baseball bat and a cricket bat, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a third weapon that does nearly the same thing.

    The game really does have addiction potential, and for those that have a Playstation 3, this is definitely a game that should be checked out and enjoyed. Happy burning!

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