Microsoft hosts 8th Annual Women in Gaming Awards luncheon

On Wednesday, Microsoft and IDGA Women in Games hosted the 8th Annual Women in Games awards at GDC. This year the awards were given over a luncheon at the W. I had a golden ticket as the liveblogger/twitter reporter for the day.

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Kiki Wolfkill from Microsoft Studios opened the show, followed by a video of Will Wright. In the video, Will spoke about affect of having women on dev teams. With a hope that there is more attention placed on concentrating on diversity.

The awards consisted of nominees in Art, Design, Engineering, and Production. The women nominated are all amazing, but in the end someone has to win. Here is a short list of the winners:
Robin Hunicke senior designer for EA LA wins in the design category.
Kiki Wolfkill from Microsoft Games (Halo series) won in the art category
Siobhan Reddy from Media Molecule won in the production category.
Corrinne Yu from Halo Microsoft Gaming team won engineering category.

The event ended with closing remarks from Samantha Ryan, Senior VP of Production & Development at Warner Bros Interactive. Prizes were given away and I won a Halo soundtrack.

It’s difficult to describe the feelings from being in a room with so many accomplished, positive, and hard working women. A common theme was that not all their career paths started in the Games Industry. But with determination they got there. It’s definitely about taking a chance and going after your dreams. Microsoft and IDGA Women in Games put on a great event and will probably need an even bigger room for next year.