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    Thoughts on a Laptop

    Playing on the laptop for me is both frustrating pain in the neck and a godsend… As I write this, I am sitting in a cozy eatery in the top floor of the great Timberline Lodge (think The Shining but only from the outside), drinking some hot spiced cider, and playing some Bejeweled Twist, and keeping an eye out the window for my snowboarding husband on the sunniest, clearest day of the season after a week of fresh snow. It’s breathtaking (and the beef barley soup is delicious). I will say that I am LOVING the ability to play not chained to my desk (it’s the eve of the Dsi release, so I don’t have any other portable gaming). AND using the headphones has given me a whole other level of appreciation for the quality of sound they put into that particular game, it’s pretty phenomenal and something that I

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