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  • 25Apr

    Discover the Pitt (Fallout 3 DLC)

    Third download was (sorta) the charm, as I was finally able to explore all the Pitt had to offer. On the very north and almost completely west end of the Wastelands map on your Pipboy, an escapee from the another desolate part of the US is sending out a distress signal. He is searching for someone who can help him free all the people captured and brought to work in the steel mills of an area known as The Pitt. These people are being forced to do incredibly hard labor, and because of the air conditions, some of them are turning into rabid beasts. The slavers apparently have a cure for this, and in addition to saving the enslaved from their captors, they would also like you to help them acquire the antidote for themselves. This new area offers some great weapons and armor, so make sure you are minimally

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