Bioshock Review

Platform: Xbox 360
ERSB: M for Mature
Genre: Shooter
Number of Players: 1
Publisher: 2K Games
Release Date: 8/21/2007
Official Website

Bioshock : Underwater Is Scary

Rating: 9.5

Take one uneasy guy, crash his plane into the ocean, and send him down to an underwater city filled with crazies. Oh, and give him superpowers.

I remember the days when “water graphics” looked like a tie-dyed blue blanket. In 2008, these water graphics made me feel as though my television would start springing leaks at any moment. The entire (underwater) city of Rapture is so stunning that you can’t help but hang on each and every flawless detail in the environment and characters that inhabit it. The shadows and lighting can be a bit touchy sometimes, but it is such a non-issue I won’t even bring it up. Wait…

Slightly hard to get used to at first, but after a while they are as manageable as any other game in which you can shoot bees out of your hands while carrying a gigantic wrench.

Admittedly, this game was purchased, played for about an hour, and then forgotten out of frustration for a few months. Due to the urging of friends, it was then re-attempted, and cherished. While the beginning can be slow and hard to adjust to, deal with it. It gets really good, really quickly. If you can talk yourself out of the very first Bathysphere ride into Rapture (you know, where the crazy chick is waiting, and you can see her hiding in the shadows up the wall, waiting for you?), then it is pretty much smooth sailing from there on out.

Fun Factor:
Things get thrilling, violent, and absorbing almost instantly. The story will blow you away. You will be faced with countless moral choices, including but not limited to; do I suck the Adam out of the little girl to power up, or do I let her go and hope for the best? Do I shoot the guy in the face, or set him on fire? If this already sounds like your Friday night, well… we’d prefer it if you’d stay inside playing video games.

Female Aspect:
One of your allies (this term is used loosely) is a strong woman who helped orchestrate the execution of Rapture, but appears to have had a change of heart. There are plenty of crazy women bouncing off the walls, but the men seem to have the greatest crazy ratio. In fact, the young girls, called Little Sisters, are the most important people in the game.

Replay Value:
If this game weren’t such a mammoth undertaking, I would have conquered it several times over by now. This games Achievements are also mostly humanly possible to get, so going back to get more than on the first outing doesn’t feel like being stabbed in the eye. There are also multiple endings, both of which are available on YouTube if you’re a cheater.

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