Consumer Electronic survey shows women are more tech savvy than men


The latest Gadgetology study from Retrevo shows that women know more about consumer electronic products and men don’t know as much as they think they know. Of course we know this, but it’s nice to have a study endorse what we know.

Women’s knowledge of electronics rivals and surpasses their male counterparts. 79% of men feel “extremely tech savvy”, compared to 55% of women. But when it came down to details, more women knew details like MB stands for megabytes.

Another example showed that 25% of men gave the wrong answer when asked what 1080p meant, while only 17% of women answered incorrectly.

The study also showed that women are more attached to their gadgets. When asked to choose between giving up a computer or caffine, 82% chose to give up caffeine.

“This Gadgetology report highlights several developments that manufacturers and retailers need to know before they build and market their products,” says Vipin Jain, president and CEO of Retrevo. “Not only are women buying and using more CE than ever before, but they’re also becoming savvier, something that the industry has yet to, but needs to, reflect. Every single component of the CE industry has been affected by the recession and is trying to figure out how to make money in the new economy. Our Gadgetology report suggests that women might be the answer.”

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