Left Brain Right Brain Review

Platform: Nintendo DS
ERSB: Everyone
Genre: Edutainment
Number of Players: 1-2
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Release Date: 12/5/07
Official Website: Left Brain Right Brain
Writer: Vainya

Rating : 5.5

Left Brain Right Brain- Become more ambidextrous!

Are you a “righty” or a “lefty” What if you could be both? With LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN, you can hone your mental skills to become truly ambidextrous. While training your hands with speed based DS mini-games, you’ll also be training the left and right hemispheres of your brain. It’s like two games in one!


This game does not rely too heavily on graphics. The game is basically in black and white save for the few games like “Save the World” That have colors that represent meteors and space and the Earth. Other than that there are basic shapes like squares, circles and stars depending on which mini game you so choose.



The controls are simple. Most of the time directions are given and they are to be followed like “Scratch to find the word “hit”” and with the stylus you just scratch the circle until it says hit. The controls are pretty simple and it makes the game easy to pick up and play even if you are playing with your less dominant hand. In that case the game is a little more challenging. This is especially true with the later mini-games like “trace the shape” where your least dominant hand is given the most challenge.



The flow is very linear but as you play the game you will see why it is like that. Mostly because you have to keep training yourself to become more ambidextrous, so the game allows you to do that at your own pace. Once you beat out your dominant hand in the games moving on is a breeze and you can keep continuing down the line.


Fun Factor:

This is what usually makes a game like this. The game is educational, that is it trains your brain to do something, but is it fun? This game is actually. The mini-games are very fun and challenging. Things that you thought could easily be done with your dominant hand may seem harder and you’ll keep wondering why that is so. Meanwhile, your less dominant hand continues to score better and you begin to question whether you were a “righty” or a “lefty” in the first place. The games on the other hand can get frustrating and discourage you to play but if you are determined some fun can be had.


Female Factor:

While this game is specifically not targeted for female gamers it is targeted for the family. That is, it should be competitive fun and everyone should try and compete to see who is the most ambidextrous of the whole family.


Replay Value:

This game is worth playing over and over again. In fact the game has been created for this purpose. In order to get the full effect of the benefits of the game you would have to replay it over and over. In a few tries it is possible to become ambidextrous and the game does well with keeping you coming back for more challenges.


Vainya’s Comments: This is a great game. It heavily follows in the footsteps of games like Brain Age. I haven’t become ambidextrous yet but I’m unable to put it down until I do. This game is a must have for those who are interested in the Edutainment genre. Even if you’re not there is much fun to be had if you try it out.

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