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    Q&A with actors in Green Lantern: First Flight

    To get you ready for the release of Green Lantern: First Flight on July 28th, there are a series of Q&A’s with the people from the production of the movie. The first Q&A is with Victor Garber who plays the villain, Sinestro. Lantern Sinestro mentors Hal Jordan when he joins the Green Lantern Corps but Hal learns that Sinestro is actually the head of a secret conspiracy that threatens the Green Lantern Corps. Read to find out what Victor liked about playing a villain. QUESTION: How did you settle on the voice of Sinestro? VICTOR GARBER: The challenge of bringing this character to life was to find exactly the right tone. My tendency would be to make it a little too colorful, but Andrea (Romano) and Bruce (Timm) gave direction that was very specifically to modulate it and find the right tone. It was interesting because with animation, it’s all

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