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    Outpost Kaloki Goes Mobile

    Ninjabee Games has seen great success on the Xbox Live Arcade with games like A Kingdom for Keflings and Outpost Kaloki X. As of May 8th, you can now download Outpost Kaloki for your iPhone or iPod Touch and play this great adventure with you anywhere you go! In order to bring this title to the mobile scene, it has been broken into three “games”; Kaloki Adventure is the first chapter, and will eventually be followed with Kaloki Love and Kaloki War. The first installment allows you to enjoy either the Story or Scenario modes, both based off the tycoon-style of gameplay. Story mode lets you play through the fast-paced action, while Scenario lets you slow down and relax a bit more, taking all the time you need or want in order to achieve top scores. Kaloki Adventure is all about keeping your guests happy, and figuring out how you

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