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    Plants vs Zombies Review!

    Platform: PC or Mac ESRB: E Number of Players: 1 Publisher: PopCap Games Release Date: 05/05/2009 Official Website Basic Idea as I See it: How to keep brains inside one’s own skull: gather power from the sun and/or sunflowers to grow a botanical infantry strong in both offense and defense to slay zombies and prevent them from entering the house to dine on brains a la mode. Plant, gather sun, plant more, gather more sun, plant more, destroy zombies, gather, plant, destroy, and occasionally coins will appear that will allow visits to Crazy Dave’s trunk shop for more helpful plants and abilities to plant, gather, and destroy the zombies. The variety of zombies is pretty vast, so it is important to learn them as they come along and choose plant troops accordingly. There is an Almanac that conveniently stores all information about unlocked zombies and plants available for review in

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