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    Tune In To Terebi – Liar Game

    Original Air Date: Apr 14 to June 23, 2007 Number of Episodes: 11 Genre: Psychological Thriller Broadcast Network: FujiTV Based on the Manga Written By: Kaitani Shinobu How would you react if one day you came home and found a box of money waiting for you? With nothing more than a suspicious looking letter accompanying this box, Nao Kanzaki finds herself part of the Liar Game Tournament. And at the very bottom of the case containing the mystery money there is a video cassette outlining the rules for the First Round. She is to face off against a former teacher to see who can gain the 100 million yen, or even part of this huge sum, from their opponent and win the first test. Nao has no dishonest bone in her body, and her money easily falls into the hands of her former teacher. Completely distraught and acting upon advice

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