AT&T’s expansion of Services

AT&T is jumping on the technology wave, in two distinct ways. One way is through the offering a variation on the data packages needed for smart phones and the other is through the distribution of netbooks. att_logo

One of the biggest problems for many smartphone users is the expense that the required data packages are for many of these phone to achieve their full potential. According to AT&T’s press release, the company is considering to offer cheaper data service plans with a limited web surfing.
Currently AT&T’s unlimited plan is running users an average 70 dollars US a month, but what “AT&T could offer more limited Web surfing on cellphones for a lower fee, similar to its trial offer of 200 megabytes of data downloads for wireless netbook users for $40 a month in Atlanta and in Philadelphia.” All of this was announced by Ralph de la Vega, the head of AT&T Mobility, to Reuters Global Technology Summit in New York.

The other piece of news from AT&T that was announced at the summit was that AT&T will expand sales of netbook computers within ALL their stores. This includes netbooks from Dell Inc, Acer Inc and Lenovo Group Ltd. This is a big change because currently the only places that AT&T are currently sells netbooks are through retail partners and in AT&T stores in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

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