Jay-Z and Eminem collaborate for DJ Hero


Activision has brought together Jay-Z and Eminem to work with DJ Hero. They will both contribute some of their popular songs to the game and will collaborate on a special branded edition of the game that will include an advance version of the game’s turntable controller, a metal traveling case that transforms into a DJ stand, and two exclusive music CD compilations featuring greatest hits and new mixes from each artist. Jay-Z and Eminem will also provide downloadable content later in the year.

“A DJ has the ability to use music to control people’s emotions and is responsible for the entire vibe of a room, a club or a party,” said Jay-Z. “DJ Hero is the first video game that allows everyone to enjoy the unique experience of creating that environment.”

What does Eminem think?
“I came up doing freestyle battles on local stages with other MCs and DJs,” said Eminem. “DJ’ing is an essential part of hip-hop and DJ Hero will give people all over the chance to experience the music from the other side of the turntables.”

DJ Hero is being developed for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Wii.

Here is the debut trailer for DJ Hero.

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