Punch-Out Event at Nintendo World in NYC

If there is anywhere that I’d like to go when I visit New York City it’s the Nintendo World store. This place is the hangout for fans of both the Wii and the DS. Anyway trying to get there was a nightmare. I figured that I would take the bus this time instead of the train. I was a whole hour early for the event but the traffic was horrible. By the time I got to the city it was already 1:30 and I was thirty minutes late. So I had to quickly walk the six blocks up. At the end of my walk I was finally greeted by the giant blue DSi in the Nintendo World window.

I opened the door and followed the crowd upstairs to where the DJ was supposed to be. I couldn’t see there was a huge crowd around it. It seems that they were asking a round of Punch-Out trivia. It seems that I came just in time for round two. Round one was quick it only took half an hour. So I grabbed a spot while people were answering the trivia and Nintendo was giving out these really cute pink sweatshirts and Wii points.

The round of trivia was didn’t last long because they were ready to start round two. I was close enough to see the standings and I saw that there would be two rounds of round two if that makes any sense. This round was against Von Kaiser. I watched as everyone was sent to their Wii terminals and was ready to punch-out. I watched a perfect game unfold during this round. That is to say Von Kaiser was knocked out without the player taking any damage. The round was over as quickly as it came. There was another round of trivia. Sadly I don’t remember any of the questions well besides the Nintendo character that was referee one. After that it came down to the final four. This time the round was against Disco Kid. At the end of the round the top three were recorded in the standings, there was another round of trivia and then the fight for third place against King Hippo. I remember at the end of the round the third place winner was joking about actually getting one of those pink sweatshirts.

There was the last round of trivia and then the face-off between Cyr F and Ariel C. by this time everyone was front and center. They had cleared all the other terminal s so that everyone can crowd around for a closer look. Everything was ready and all set and all eyes were set on Cyr F and Ariel C and their competition against Bear Hugger. The competition was fierce with action on both sides. I remember people shouting from both sides whenever there was a KO! Everyone’s attention was fixed on those little terminals. Then there was a KO on both sides at seemingly the same time. Everyone was arguing that it was most likely a draw. The staff waited for the screen showing the time just to be sure. The winner was Cyr F. After the game he was whisked off to the winners’ table where he had a box of goodies. Most of the winnings I couldn’t remember but I do remember the 200 dollar gift card and a copy of the game. He also got crowned World Video Boxing Association Champion and is the proud owner of one of the largest trophies that I have ever seen.

Cyr F. is awarded Punch-Out  trophy
Cyr F. is awarded Punch-Out trophy

Not long after the ending of the competition the store was reset back to its original way that it had been and I was on my way back home. I always get invited to Nintendo’s events but I rarely go. I am glad to have been able to come this time. I got a lot of priceless memories and this really cool candy bar. Check it out.

punch out candybar
punch out candybar

candy bar back
candy bar back

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