UK Sales Charts for last week


Every Monday morning we report the best selling games for the previous week in the UK. Why not in the US as well? Well I have no idea where I can find that data other than NPD’s at the end of the month.

The information is from ChartTrack where they have many different ways you can organize the data to see which games are selling well in the UK.

Wii Fit claimed another week on the top of the charts. Wii Fit has been at number 1 on the chart for 7 straight weeks! FIFA 09 moves up one spot while X-Men Origins slides spot down. Call of Duty: World at War as well as Call of Duty Modern Warfare both see a bump. Could this be because of the news of something being announced at E3?

Nintendo is the top publisher for the top 20 again with 6 games taking up spots.

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