• 15Jun

    Dante’s Inferno E3 Preview


    One of the titles I was looking forward to most at E3 was Dante’s Inferno. The title was at EA3 but was for Judges only. At E3, we still weren’t able to play the title but instead received a demo introduction to Dante’s Inferno.

    Dante’s Inferno is an adaptation of the poem. The demo EA showcased took place in Limbo. From what was shown, EA has a commitment to holding true to the poem. Hell is supposed to be dark and Visceral Studios does not intend to sugar coat it. Players control Dante who has vowed to get his love, Beatrice, out from hell.

    Because it was a demo, I can’t give actual impressions. I can say that the combat system seemed very similar to the God of War system. Only it seemed much slower. Hopefully that is only true of the demo. Using the God of War system in a game isn’t terrible but it would be nice to see EA bring something new. Which unfortunately wasn’t the case. The title is not due until 2010, so I’m sure we’ll see many changes along the way.

    EA staged a fake protest during the show for Dante’s Inferno, which has caused some recent backlash by Christian groups. EA has also launched the Dante’s Inferno site. The site will launch more information, and on 6/15, EA will make the poem available to read.

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