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    E3 2009 Hands On – God of War 3

    There isn’t much that I can say about God of War III except that it’s going to be an awesome game.  I had that opportunity to play the demo level at this year’s E3 and this game delivers everything you would expect from a God of War game and more.  A few things have been added to the fighting mechanics like Kratos being able to “explode” when covered by enemies -  like a burst of adrenaline; the vertical game play when Kratos travels though air shafts; the ability to use Harpies to travel to areas that are otherwise unreachable; and the ability to take over and control the large cyclops to defeat enemies or to just have a kick ass time!

    The game is more gruesome and more provocative than ever with extremely gory kills like disemboweling and beheadings, it is not for the faint of heart.  The graphics are impressive – they looked good on the PS2, so you only imagine how much better they are on the PS3.While the only nudity I saw were the ugly, saggy breasts of the Harpies, if the women are as beautiful as in the previous games we will be sure to catch more than a glimpse or two of far more attractive breasts.  And then there are of course the infamous “sex mini games” which I’m sure we’ll see – although everyone at Sony seems very tightlipped about it so far.

    The games controls exactly like the first two and it took me a few minutes to remember the controls, but what’s nice is that it all comes back to you and you are fighting like a Spartan in no time.  The game will definitely cater to fans and newcomers alike.  The hardest part that I had was the vertical game play – I’ve never been great at flight games so the controls took me a bit to get used to.  There’s nothing more intimidating than being at E3 and having a lot of people watch you die – over and over and over again.  But I stuck with it and eventually got past it.  I think when the game comes out, I’ll be better at that part than those that haven’t tried it out!  As with the previous two games, there will probably be a few frustrating points where I’ll have to put the controller down and take a deep breath but it’s never an impossible challenge.

    If you are a fan of either of the previous God of War games, you will not want to miss this game.  If you have not played God of War – what the hell is wrong with you?!?  Go out and buy the games now – you really don’t want to be the only one NOT playing God of War III when it drops in March 2010 exclusively for the PS3. Can you say God of War III PS3 bundle?  (If it’s a red PS3, I’m gonna be so mad!)

    Check out my coverage of Sony’s God of War III Press Event from February 2009:

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