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    E3 First Look – Fairytale Fights

    fairytale-fights-logo-conceptOne of the most surprising adorable and simultaneously violent games I saw at E3 was Fairytale Fights from Playlogic.  Fairytale Fights is a game with fairytale characters, like Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood that have lost their fame, and are setting out to reclaim it.  The game has a very Monty Python-eque humor to it, where you control the characters and fight against lumberjacks and cuddly creatures, and sometimes even another player (the whole game can be played cooperatively, but it doesn’t have to be nice).

    Fairytale Fights is a hack ‘n slash adventure game where the violence is real, and the blood stays on screen.  What I think I loved most about this over-the-top game is the picture-in-picture view of your recent kills where you can see exactly where your blows landed, and which limb (or half of the body) you sliced off your enemies.  Because of the way the game is controlled, you can manage your violence in the way you see fit – choosing to lop off apendages or slicing down the middle, or some mix-and-match of all the options.  The volumetric liquid system built into the game also means that not only will the blood stay on screen, it has realistic properties so that it’ll stick to you, your weapon, the surroundings and if you get too much in one spot on the ground, that area will become super slippery.

    During the demo, I asked one of the developers who the other fairytale characters would be (since they’ve only released two out of the four so far) but they’re not telling.  I’m looking forward to the surprise.  Fairytale Fights is due out this fall on both the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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I'm disappointed I didn't get a chance to take a look at this. I completely overlooked it :(