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    Ballies Review

    Image representing King as depicted in CrunchBase

    Platform: PC
    ESRB: n/a
    Number of Players: 1
    Publisher: King
    Release Date: Available Now
    Official Website



    Ballies is a free online game brought to us by the wonderful gamemakers over at King.

    The graphics are nothing to cheer about. For this type of game, they are perfect. The colors are bright and it’s really easy to tell which balls you’re supposed to hit… there’s a little word bubble above them that says “bump me!”

    There’s a catchy little tune that plays repeatedly throughout the entire playtime.

    Mouse-based. You use the mouse to move your ball. You use the mouse to bump into everything. You left-click to set bombs. It’s pretty simple.

    The levels flow easily. As soon as you finish one level, the background changes and a new ball color becomes your target.

    Fun Factor:
    It’s okay. The first level is pretty easy, but really quick you have to remember to click and use the bombs to set off all the balls that are coming for you. It’s also important to remember to get the colored bombs that pop up. It’s a lot of challenge for someone who is playing on a laptop or not very quick with the mouse on any system.

    Female Factor:
    None. You play as a yellow-orange ball. All of the other balls in all the different colors, as well as yourself, are genderless.

    Replay Value:
    High. If you want to just improve your skill or try to get further, you can keep playing as many times as you want. You get four lives, so you automatically restart after your first 3 deaths.

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