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    E3 First Look – Dexter for the iPhone


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    At E3 this morning, I had a chance to sit down with the folks at Icarus Studios to look at the new Dexter game for the iPhone.  The game is incredibly designed for an iPhone game with decent graphics to match the look and feel of the Dexter television show on Showtime.  It’s a gritty story, following Dexter (voiced by Michael C Hall, who plays Dexter on the show) through the first episode of the television show.  The developers have brought in the original story line starting with the target chosen by Dexter at the very beginning of the first television episode.  The game then follows the story of the “Icetruck Killer” as presented in the first episode through action (you can choose first or third person play) game play and minigames that support the storyline.  The minigames include items like analyzing blood spatter which is Dexter’s day job.  During the more action parts of the game, you follow targets for Dexter’s “dark passenger” as well as work on the “Icetruck Killer” murder scenes discovering clues, stalking targets and finally taking those targets to Dexter’s kill room.

    Even with the small amount of time I spent with the game, I can tell that the developers spent a lot of time on trying to make it a true representation of the show.  The game is scheduled to have four episodes, the first following the first television episode (with a few extra backstory elements) and the rest making up the pieces of the “Icetruck Killer” storyline that encompasses the entire first season of the show.  I especially like that the voices in the game are made up from the show’s actors and that much of the music comes from the show itself.  Everything, even the new storyline and content has been created in partnership with the people at Dexter and Showtime, to keep it amazingly true to the show.

    The game is scheduled to come out this Summer for the iPhone, and will be a lot of fun for Dexter fans.  However, I think that people unfamiliar with Dexter will still enjoy some of the adventure and gaming strategy available in taking the perspective of a Serial Killer for a while.

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