Go Home Ball

go-home-ball_250x194Platform: PC
Number of Players: 1
Publisher: King.com
Official Website


A puzzling physics game in which you have to guide the ball home. Addicting and challenging, Go Home Ball can consume hours trying to beat all of the levels.

Graphics:  The background images are all part of the stage. They look really nice and they flow together. The stars, which you have to collect to complete the level, stand out and it’s hard NOT to see them.

Sound: The music is really calm and kind of jazzy. It is a good accompaniment for this game. Of course, you can mute it and the sound effects from the in-game menu.

Controls:  A and D or the Left and Right arrow keys moves the logs. Left-click places the logs. A stick only lasts 2 seconds and you can only have one on screen at a time. There are other tools you can use later on, like a spring, and their controls are explained as you get them.

Flow: Perfect. Each level builds on what you just did. It gets harder progressively, not an instant jump from easy to insanely difficult.

Fun Factor: Addicting! If you like a good puzzle game, you’ll love this game. It starts out simple enough, but as you move further along, it gets more challenging. You’ll want to keep trying to get past just one more level before stopping for the night. This game saves your progress, so you can just pick it up where you left off instead of playing through all of the levels again.

Female Factor: You play as yourself, controlling a little red ball.

Replay Value: Good. Sometimes, you won’t want to play through all the past levels, but some of the harder ones it’s hard to not replay them, either because you got a game over or because you want to beat your last score.

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