Singularity and Wolfenstein at E3 2009


At the Activision booth during E3, not much was actually playable. This write up is about the demo for Singularity and Wolfenstein.

Singularity puts the player in a time where Russia is conducting a Cold War experiment with element GG. This element has properties that allow the user to manipulate time of an object. The element research is to help Russia become that elite superpower. Of course things go wrong and it mutates everything in the area. Russia then covered up the mistake by removing all records of the island. The game then starts in 2010.

The player controls Nate Renko, who finds the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) attached to his arm. Renko is trying to find his co-pilot and prevent the Singularity from happening.

The title is a FPS with time manipulation. The TMD can do four things so far: Revert, Age, Stasis, and Impulse. There may be more announced as the game gets closer to release. Revert allows the player to rewind an object or human backwards in time. Age allows the player to fast-forward an object or human through time. This can be used to remove walls from the player’s path to reveal where to go. Stasis allows the player to pull an object towards them and freeze it in time and Impulse can be used to move objects.

Singularity is set for a September 30, 2009 release. Gamestop has a pre-order contest to send the winner to San Diego Comic Con and let them be the first to play Singularity.

Wolfenstein is a new title by ID and Raven Software. The Fuher is working toward world domination and is looking toward the occult known as the Black Sun. In the game, players will control B.J. Blazkowicz, as he is sent in to stop the Nazis. What is unique to Wolfenstein is “The Veil” which gives the player special abilities. The player can use The Veil to slow down time, to get around obstacles that exist in the real world, or to defeat enemies that have an otherwise impenetrable shield. The use of the Veil as a shield was described for “oh sh** moments” by the Producer which mean there must be many throughout the game.

It was disappointing to not see a playable demo at E3 since there was one at GDC 2009. Wolfenstein is set for a July 30 release for the 360, PS3, and PC. Any gamer that purchases Wolfenstein 3D on Xbox 360 will get 1000 gold to start with in Wolfenstein.

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April Carlson
April Carlson

Both games looked really cool...I'm actually considering picking them both up. Singularity reminded a lot of Bioshock for some reason - they felt very similar - whether they are or not. Wolfenstein looks pretty cool too...nice and bloody.