TECMO® announces E3 2009 Lineup

Tecmo have announced which titles they will be unveiling at E3 this year: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Quantum, Undead Knights & Family Fun Football.

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 sees “super-ninja” Ryu battling his way from Tokyo to New York, beating up bad guys and all of the usual good stuff essentially. It now has a few new playable characters, online co-op, new enemies, level-ups for weapons, and plenty more to enhance your gaming experience. It is destined for Playstation 3 in the Fall.
  • Quantum is an action-shooter for the PS3, and it sees you playing as Sid and Filena in an art nouveau setting making your way through a “treacherous tower”! Obstacles and online play await you in this dark fantasy game, but you will have to wait until 2010 until you can get a copy.
  • Undead Knights sounds like it’s not exactly a game for the little kiddies, but mature PSP owners might like to keep an eye out. In this game you go about building a Zombie army, “defeating” enemies to turn them into Zombies for your army. It comes with a heavy metal soundtrack and some “zombie bashing dialogue “, and you can play with or against 3 other players. PSP will be zombified in the Fall.
  • Family Fun Football for the Wii sees you playing football in different themed stadiums with your family and friends or against them. You can use your Mii to play, and you can also play as your teams mascot. There is also a bunch of mini-games to play as well! Wii will see this coming out in the Fall.

They also hope to have 3 downloadable games for PSN and XBox Live users as well, but it appears as though they are waiting for approval from Sony.

  • Fret Nice is a 2D platformer but is also a music game. You have to play music to make your way through it, and you can play cooperatively either online or off. Look out for it in 2010.
  • Puzzlegeddon is a puzzle, strategy and action game. You have to solve puzzles and brainteasers and make combos to advance in the game. It also includes online and local multiplayer options. If you are interested, it should be out this year.
  • NBA Unrivaled is, as the name suggests, a basketball game where you have to make your way to the top of the league by beating your rivals while amping the crowds momentum by making awesome baskets (eg 3 pointers) and other strategies to entertain them. You should be playing in the league some time this year.
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