IPhone/Ipod Touch Apps for Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary

Its been a little while since we talked about our favoriate Japanese Icon. Of course with her 35th anniversery , how could we not continue posting little finds, and other items of interest?
Well, you now celebrate this kitty’s anniversary with apps for you ipod touch and your iphone. Of course the apps are divided into free and paid.

In the free apps category there is the Anniversary App which will countdown to when she turns 35 on November 1st 2009, profiles her friends, updates you on the latest Hello Kitty News, and offers a commemorative movie ‘Hello Kitty Colors’. ”

If your are willing to pay for some Hello Kitty applications, there are two. One is the iHello Kitty Tokyo App and the other is the Hello Kitty Camera.

The iHello Kitty Tokyo App lets you play dress up with Hello Kitty. You can dress her in outfits much like a paper doll concept. This apps is tailored more to  Japanese pop culture, hence why the options of outfits.

The Hello Kitty Camera is an app that least you customize your photos with all things Hello kitty.  Logos, herself, acessories and other things that scream hello kitty!

Both of these apps will run you a charge of 2.99.

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Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary on Your iPhone

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omg I'm totally buying Hello Kitty Camera! Thank you for this, I hadn't heard of it at all!!