Pocket Fish for the iPhone and iPod Touch

New game developer Controlled Chaos Media proudly announced today that its first game, Pocket Fish, is now available in the Apple App Store or for download from http://pocketfishapp.com.

Select your favorite fish and teach it tons of tricks, including barrel rolls, karate chops and air guitar, for a bubbly, aquatic experience in your palm. Pocket Fish‘s key features include:

Choose from four different Pocket Fish, each with their own unique personalities.

Change the aquarium’s camera angle from the top, bottom or side at any time as your fish frolics.

Transition between various times of day and listen to serene and soothing music to create the ideal setting for your finned friends’ watery antics.

New downloadable content every few weeks adds new tricks and functionality, continually expanding the range of fun and relaxing activities for you and your Pocket Fish.

Pocket Fish is available from the Apps Store or from http://pocketfishapp.com for $.99.


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