SouthPeak Announces Music Game for DS


SouthPeak has announced that it will be publishing Music, a pioneering musical activity game for the Nintendo DS. The game will feature a series of fun mini-games, multiple sound quizzes and a complete encyclopedia of more than 400 musical terms, Music will be the first title available on the Nintendo DS where aplayer can use their acquired knowledge well beyond the game.  Music is scheduled for release this fall.

The creative force behind Music is Shiro Tsuji, a renowned composer, conductor, teacher and author of “Anybody Can Read Music.” Tsuji influenced the design by translating his proven lessons into a fun, easy to use dual screen stylus symphony.

Music shows off the capabilities of Nintendo DS well beyonda gaming system. It transforms concepts that have been traditionally difficult into a format everyone can understand,” said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak. “It’s amazing to see someone start out learning the basics and end up creating their own compositions.”

Music sends players on a musical journey by challenging their talent in a variety of lessons, mini-games, and quizzes. With the help of the pocket-sized conductor, players get 18 lessons to learn music in a way that is easy to recall. They learn their musical mastery with the help of more than 65 notable compositions, or they can create their own classic compositions. They can be saved and the game can then playback the musical masterpieces. By the end, players will be able to easily note the differences between an adagio and an aria thru the extensive musical instruction within the game.

Music is scheduled for release this fall.

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