Sydney Supanova 2009 Wrap-up


Supanova is always an event I look forward to, and this year was no different! With Anime, Games, Books, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Celebrities… who wouldn’t, right?

When I walked into the Dome at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday 27th, I was greeted by the huge “inFAMOUS” display at the EB Games booth and the nice buzzing sound of stallholders setting up before the crowds were let in.

I had a wander around the event, enjoying the space to browse at stalls before the masses were set upon us. I found there was an area set up for online gaming as well as card gaming on one side of the Dome, with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Nationals being held here.

In the back of the Dome was the Madman Anime Theatre (above) where the Madman National Cosplay Championships and the Madman Cosplay Contest was held as well as screenings of various Anime shows being shown before and after.

There were lots of interesting stalls on display this year, from DVD stores and book stores to Gothic Lolita clothing and Gamer goods. One in particular was called “One Day In Paradise” which featured cute Lolita style clothes and accessories. The ladies were dressed in some of their wares, and were gracious enough to pose for a photo:

On the gaming side of things, there were at least 5 companies represented on the day: EA, All Interactive Entertainment, Sega, THQ and Ubisoft. EA were showing off “Fight Night Round 4”, while THQ were showing off “UFC 2009 Undisputed”, “Red Faction: Guerilla” and “Bionic Commando”. Ubisoft had “Final Fantasy Dissidia”, “TMNT: Smash Up!” and “Star Ocean”. Sega were showing off “Let’s Tap” and “Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics”, while All Interactive had “Fast Food Panic” and “Battle Fantasia” (and 2 others) on display.

Celebrities and Voice Actors were very popular on Saturday – so popular I couldn’t get within a metre of them just to say hi! As disappointed as I was to not be able to speak to them, I could see by the smiles on their faces (when I could see them) that they were enjoying themselves and the fans were just as happy too. Many of them held seminars on various topics, none which I was able to attend.

The circle indicates where the actors are, and the star - the end of the line.
The circle indicates where the actors are, and the star - the end of the line.

Comic Book Artists and Authors were prominent at Supanova, and the Borders book store stall played host to authors Marianne de Pierres, Andrew Warrilow and Jennifer Fallon. I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer Fallon and grabbed her autograph for our Yukino (who is a big fan of Jennifer’s). She was a very lovely, down to earth woman and I encourage you to grab a copy of her books if you get the chance.

The Cosplay competitions were very popular this year, with the Madman Anime Theatre packed to the max with spectators and participants alike. The host for the competition was John Robertson. I was lucky to be able to grab a spot on the side of the stage for the Madman National Cosplay Championships in which they had 6 competitors. All 6 were in the running to get a trip to Melbourne (to compete on behalf of Sydney to win a trip to Japan), a Madman voucher and an appearance on breakfast television show “Sunrise” – all of them performed a skit of some sort. The winner was a young woman named Christie Lee.

There was a small break between the end of the National Cosplay Championships and the Cosplay Contest, and I was able to move to a better spot to catch the 60 or so entries. John reminded everyone to be kind to the entrants (despite the quality or effort behind their entry) proving his point by showing us his Australian Idol audition (which was hilarious) and making a live recreation on stage. I’m glad that they did that because I’ve been disappointed by spectators being rude about entries in the past. They also had a few technical difficulties which gave John the opportunity to make amends for his Idol audition. He kept us occupied with something called the Caramel Pop Dance (correct me if I’m wrong!), and sung a nice little song about Cosplay.

Finally things were fixed and we were able to get on with seeing some more Cosplay! There were people dressed as Anime, Comic & Game characters, as well as some other sorts of characters, with some performing little skits or numbers. There were two girls who had dressed up as Elphaba and Glinda who acted out a song from the musical “Wicked”, but my personal absolute favourite was the group that dressed up as the girls from “SailorMoon”! They were all so lovely when I had met them in the foyer earlier in the day, posing for a photo with me. They were incredibly popular with the other show goers as well, and I think they would have spent alot of the day posing for people. (If you are one of these girls, please send me an email!)

Sailor Senshi gracing the Cosplay stage
SailorSenshi gracing the Cosplay stage
Naomi & the SailorScouts!
Naomi & the SailorScouts! (in the foyer)

All in all Sydney Supanova 2009 was a blast, and the people and the stalls were great! You can find all of these pictures here, as well as some other pictures that haven’t been featured in this article. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for a video I hope to produce soon. Anyway, I can’t wait for next year – now, who should I go as?

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Hey Judith, if you send me an email at I have the photo all ready to send to you! :D Thanks!


Thank you!! So glad you loved it! I was wondering if I could steal that group photo of us on stage. It might be a side shot, but it's still the best one I've seen of us!! You definitely had a good angle!! =D

And thanks again for the compliments! >///<
I'll try to, but otherwise you have my email? Can you see it? =)


Thanks Judith!!

OMG, I really loved your group! I'm a big SailorMoon fan!

And you look like you do alot of Cosplay (looking at your Deviants)... I love your pictures - I might have to ask for some tips!! I hope you stick around here!


hiya!! :) i'm sailor pluto from the sailor moon team. believe it or not, my mum linked me to this page. LOL.
nice coverage of the event!! ^^