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Yoko’s style is punk rock. She is a loud and very outgoing girl, sometimes a little crude, and former member of a rock band. The band breaks up when one of her band-mates announces he is leaving for Tokyo to work in a bank. The band all goes to see him off at the airport, where they make comments and whistle at the flight attendants. Yoko gets upset and says she could wear a uniform too, which just makes all the boys laugh at her.

attentionpleaseSo to prove a point to them, she decides she is going to become a flight attendant and winds up at the Japan Airlines training facility.

Attention Please follows the crazy antics of Yoko (played by Japanese singer & actress Aya Ueto) as she learns there is much more to being an attendant than just wearing a shirt and scarf. She is bullied by her seniors and makes friends with a few of the other girls in her training group, and is always at odds with the training supervisor.

Other than Aya-chan’s acting, the fact that this series is shot in partnership with Japan Airlines (JAL) is purely awesome. They use the actual training aircraft and training manual for JAL flight attendants. This means all the cabin duties, first aid preparedness and other emergency procedures are covered. I had always wondered about flight attendant training in general, and I know all airlines have their own ways of teaching and operating, but this really does give you a good idea of what those who take care of us in-flight go through.

In addition to the series, you can also see what Yoko and the girls are up to with two TV specials that were broadcast. The first special sees them heading to Hawaii, and the second to Australia where they are dealing with more personal issues and trying to film a wonderful video blog to promote air travel.

Check out the credit sequence for Attention Please below!

Original Air Dates: April 18 to June 27, 2006
Number of Episodes: 11 episodes
Genre: Comedy
Broadcast Network: Fuji TV

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