Ultimate Board Game Collection Now Available on PSN

The Ultimate Board Game Collection (UBGC) has been released on PSN for the PSP. The game features 24 classic games from all over the world. UBGC offers single player or 5 person multiplayer either local or online.

Games included are:  Backgammon, Soduku, Checkers, Anagrams, Word Cubes, Concentration, Kakuro, Jigsaws, Enigma, Reversi, Mahjong, Snakes & Ladders, Naval Battle, Parcheesi, Quattro, Gomoku, Dice, Cominoes, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Shogi, Mancala, and Go.

UBGC also supports game sharing with five full games and PSP systems that do not have the full game.

UBGC also features:

Multiplayer support with wireless,

Single player endurance mode,

Complex tutorials.

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