First Look at Deca Sports 2

Deca Sports 2
Deca Sports 2

Recently we were able to get a hands-on with Hudson Entertainment’s Deca Sports 2. Deca Sports was very popular with Wii gamers and so a sequel makes sense. Intent on making this game a move forward and not just a sequel, Hudson not only added more sports but created a team editor as well as online multiplayer.

Let’s start with the new sports featured in Deca Sports 2. There is dodge ball, ice hockey, tennis, synchronized swimming, motorcycle road racing, speed skating, mogul skiing, darts petanque and kendo. Some of the sports are not as well known as others but that doesn’t make them any less fun.

Three sports work with the new online multiplayer mode. Ice Hockey, Tennis and Dodgeball are the only sports that work in multiplayer mode because Hudson wanted to choose sports that are turn based or fast action so that players would not have to wait for someone else to take their turn. This is to make sure the action keeps moving, keeping the player involved and having fun. There will be leaderboards as well as a random matching system for each of the three sports.

During our demo we played Kendo, Dodgeball, Ice Hockey and Synchronized swimming. In college, I almost auditioned for the synchronized swimming team. It’s a good thing I didn’t because if my performance with Deca Sports 2 is any indication I would have sucked at it. I could not get the timing right to save my life. Basically you just move the Wii Remote when the two circles touch. But I was always off.

Ice Hockey moves fast and is easy to control. I could see this being very fun to play online against others. Dodgeball is also fun to play but in my opinion the best part of the demo was trying out Kendo. It’s a relatively new sport for probably most US players and is really fun to play.

Deca Sports 2 comes exclusively to the Wii on September 29th for $29.99.

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