First Look: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

goblin-worgenThe first game demo I made a beeline for was to check out the next World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm. The addition of these new races has piqued the interest of my lore nerd side so I was quite eager to go and play these new races for a level or two in order to get a feel of what Blizzard has planned for the story.

With the Worgen demo, we had to start out at level six as they wanted to keep the surprises from levels 1-5 a secret until later on. Those levels include some “surprises” they didn’t want to spoil just yet. As most may know, theWorgen are the result of Archmage Arugal calling down protection to help fight the Scourge that had infiltrated Gilneas, however these beasts proved too strong and began to affect the populace, turning them into Worgen. In the starting area, you’re battling against the undead to try and protect the populace while fighting the beast that is within. I have some suspicions regarding what goes on in levels 1-5, but I’m going to hold off on sharing as I could very well be wrong. The Goblin starting area is quite fun as well. I had a blast just running around and looking at the area and all of the fun gadgets that were sitting around. The Goblins have made their way to the Lost Isles after they were shipwrecked and have re-kindled their relationship with the Horde for some protection.

All in all I enjoyed what I saw so far of the new races for Cataclysm and it looks like Blizzard has made two new and interesting starting areas that players will enjoy.

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Will it be possible to change classes during the gameplay? LIke if you have have a warrior and you go to a paladin trainer and learn how to become a paladin at lvl75 or so?


Unfortunately that's not an available option and was not talked about for the next expansion. If Blizzard ever does decide to institute this it will probably be a paid service like character re-customization or faction/race change.