Review: Devil May Cry (Level 1)

dmc_anime_coverVolume 1 of 3 (contains 4 episodes)

Release Date: 15/04/2009
Genre: Action/Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Horror
Runtime: 100.0 mins

Those of you who have played the “Devil May Cry” games would most likely know the story behind this series. If you’re like me and haven’t touched any of them – read on.

The main character in this series is Dante. He is packing some serious heat – in fact in the first episode he’d made quite a few demons resemble Swiss cheese by the 2 minute mark. However he isn’t just wielding 2 smoking barrels but a big, nasty, sharp sword as well.

Dante is an assassin of sorts – he gets hired to fulfil certain jobs (for a fee) and each one varies. At one stage he gets hired to protect and accompany a little girl (named Patty) who is the heir to a fortune that her uncles and everyone else wants a piece of. Somehow she ends up taking residence with Dante, and tries to spruce up his office thinking frills and bows will entice more business.

It’s not all up to Dante – there are two ladies turning up the heat who are just as skilled as he is. These ladies appear to operate in the same manner as Dante, meaning that they seem to get hired to perform certain jobs similar to those which Dante carries out.

From what I can gather, although these jobs may start out innocently enough, they all tend to gravitate towards a common theme – get rid of the demon. So yes, that means gory looking creatures and violence, followed by a smidgen of blood flow. Or blood explosion.

Special features? Certainly!:

  • Interview with the Japanese voice actor for “Dante”, Toshiyuki Morikama.
  • Promos for “Devil May Cry 4” video game and “Devil May Cry” Anime
  • Textless versions of the opening and closing songs
  • 2 cut scenes from “Devil May Cry 4” video game
  • E3 2007 preview of “Devil May Cry 4” video game
  • Tokyo Game Show ’06 preview of “Devil May Cry 4” video game
  • Trailers of other Madman animated releases


Yes, this series does involve a lot of slashing, gunfire and other types of violence but if you are already a fan of the video games then this would come as no surprise. If you aren’t though, this series might just interest you enough to pick it up. Give it a go if this is the type of genre you live for!

(c) 2007 CAPCOM CO., LTD. / DMC Committee. Licensed by FUNimation? Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

For the US readers, our friends at RightStuff have a copy here or here – or you could grab the Complete Collection. If you’d prefer our Amazon store then there is a copy available and the Complete Collection on Blu-Ray will be coming out soon.

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