Activision features Hefner in Guitar Hero 5 ads


Activision Blizzard caused quite a stir when their last tv ads featured Heidi Klum dancing around playing Guitar Hero. Interestingly enough, the ones featuring all male athletes didn’t cause alot of media talk.

How does Activision Blizzard top themselves? By going straight to creator of Playboy, Hugh Hefner. The first tv ads will be shown during Big Brother today and they will feature Hugh Hefner and some of the bunnies.

A senior brand manager told MCV that:

“We have enlisted the help of Hugh Hefner and his Playboy bunnies for the TV advertising, which should appeal to our fans – and also guarantees their attention, at least for duration of the advert,” he said.

“We saw from our work with Heidi in the previous creative that enlisting the help of true talent for our advertising can spread the Guitar Hero name virally. Our director’s cut of the Heidi TV ad still remains one of the most viewed on YouTube.”

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