Cellufun Introduces Mobile Social Groups


Cellufun users can now create groups to discuss or enjoy together any topic with real time chat and private forums, offering a new way to connect with new people or old friends right from your mobile device.

“So many of our users are part of groups on Facebook and MySpace, so we knew letting them have access to groups on their mobile phones would be hugely popular. Within a couple days of launching the program, we had 800 groups sprout up,” said Neil Edwards, CEO of Cellufun. “We charge to form a group, and groups have formed for expectant mothers, sports enthusiasts, gamers, and social activists. Because Cellufun groups can be created instantly on a platform with tremendous global penetration, we will become a real authority on what people across the world are talking about,” he added.

23 year old stay at home mom, Tiffany (Tiffany513), who has recently started a mommy group to share experiences, had this to say, “I have always liked talking to other mothers about their experiences, so when I saw that we could form groups on Cellufun, the first thing I thought of was a group for mothers. We have already had over 200 mothers join, and a few fathers. This is a great forum for us to share parenting tips and advice, and the best part is that it can all be done on our phones.”

Every group creator, or “officer” has the ability to control who has access to the group’s content, accept applications, etc. to make this a fun, yet safe, environment.

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