Developers get ready for Global Game Jam 2010


It’s not 2010 yet, but the 2010 Global Game Jam planning is underway. They are looking to increase the size of the competition from last year’s 1650 participants. There are over 75 committed venues signed up for 2010 and information on partners, sponsors and keynotes will be coming soon. The 2010 Global Game Jam takes place January 29-31, 2010.

“The 2010 Global Game Jam is becoming a major event for developers worldwide,” said Susan Gold, founder of the Global Game Jam. “As participation grows and we gain more commitments each week, the value to our community and partners increases. Our success in year one will be eclipsed by the growth and size of our second annual GGJ.”

Game Jam is two days of working on a team with very little sleep to see how much creativity one can accomplish in those days. The goal is to get professional developers and students to work together.

Continue to watch for details about Global Game Jam 2010 at If you decide to participate let us know so we can send you a GA shirt!

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