Do you Poken?


To be honest with you, if someone asked me this question a few hours ago, I would have given them a questionable look, of “What does that really mean?”
After going to the website, I have found that this is a little gadget which you can store all your internet contact information, including social networking information, and transport where ever you go.
First you have to buy a Poken, and then go to their website and register your contact information with them.This will be information that you wish to transfer with other people. The information that is transfered can include things like, facebook, twitter, myspace accounts, cell phone numbers and business information.

If you meet up with another person who is using a Poken, you can have them connect to each other and your information is then transfer over to their Poken and visa versa.  You are allowed to put 64 new friends on your Poken, and when you have hit that limit, the green light that flashes for transfers turns orange. After you have made new contacts you are then able to hook the Poken up to your computer and all their information is then downloaded and added to your own list.

I am looking at it like a virtual business card, and currently they are popular in Japan and is slowing gaining momentum in North America. They come in all types of characters, like foxes, frankenstien, geishas, rappers,ninjas and many other little characters. They retail for 19.99 each. Of course, you can get theme packs and bulk orders which can range from a pair for two for 29.95, three for 49.95, four for 64.95, six for 109.95. They continue on from there.
Retail: PokenZoo

If you wish to learn more, click on the video.

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OMG I want one of these bad! I love the panda but if I could make one that looked like our Mascot....omg I want so bad!