Forged in Chaos announced as third book in Warhammer series

Last week EA and The Black Library (division of Games Workshop) announced Forged in Chaos by C.L. Werner as the third in a series of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning novels. Forged in Chaos will be the first novel in the WAR novel series to revolve around the forces of Destruction. The Black Library has a great summary of the plot:

As the armies of Destruction continue their war upon the civilized lands, the Raven Host of Chaos is poised to march upon the Empire of Man in an unstoppable tide. To ensure victory against the Emperor’s Order of the Griffon, an elite party of Chaos warriors is tasked with the quest to find the Spear of Myrmidia and fully unleash the power of the Winds of Chaos. To work such awesome magic, the marauder Kormak must dare venture into the Bastion Stair, portal to the Realm of Khorne, and defy the Blood God’s wrath. However, the warriors of the Raven Host are not the only ones with an interest in harnessing the powers of Chaos; Treacherous Dark Elves and brutish Orcs each look to seize the power for themselves, while a desperate Imperial army races to deny all of their foes the dreaded might of Chaos.

“With the first two Warhammer Online novels, Empire in Chaos and Dark Storm Gathering, we saw the Realm vs. Realm conflict from the besieged viewpoint of Order,” said Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer for Mythic Entertainment. “Forged in Chaos provides readers with their first look into the dark, megalomaniacal minds of the forces of Destruction. Rife with internal conflict, shifting allegiances, and a never-ending lust for murder, we see firsthand how this unholy alliance of Destruction is just as deadly to each other as they are to the armies of Order.”

Forged in Chaos is slated to be released later this fall online and in retail stores. Keep your eyes on Gaming Angels and The Black Library’s website for more info!

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